Solar Heating Ireland – What you need to know

In a family home, solar energy covers up to 60% of the energy required for heating Domestic Hot Water (DHW). In the UK alone, there are still around 19 million households using outdated heating systems. Their owners are often completely unaware of how much money they are wasting unnecessarily on energy. Furthermore, these old systems have an impact on the climate through unnecessary CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming.

By promptly replacing these systems with highly efficient condensing boilers in combination with solar technology, end users can cut down on energy usage by up to 35% with annual CO2 emissions being reduced by 92 million tonnes at the same time.


Heat from the sun 

Around one third of the total energy demand in the UK and Ireland is expended on heating buildings. Energy-conscious constructions and economical heating systems, such as condensing technology, can substantially reduce this consumption. This then contributes to the preservation of resources and to the protection of the earth’s atmosphere.

One important savings potential is offered by DHW heating. Solar collectors combined with a DHW cylinder represent the most interesting alternative to boiler operation, especially during the summer months. In spring and autumn, you may often be able to turn off your boiler whne using solar energy to back up your central heating. The sun is probably the most important source of renewable energy available today.

The main advantages of solar energy are that it is clean, able to operate independently or in conjunction with traditional energy sources, and is remarkably renewable.

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